Wickes Distribution Centre

Business Profile of Wickes Distribution Centre, 37-41 Salthouse Road, Northampton, Northampton. Here you will find detailed information about Wickes Distribution Centre: postcode, address, phone number, fax, opening times, customer reviews, photos, videos, directions, map and more.


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37-41 Salthouse Road
Northamptonshire NN4 7EX
United Kingdom
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Reviews of Wickes Distribution Centre

    Shaun C Callaghan Added March 25, 2020
    the distribution centre sent my order to my nearest store who then proceeded to send me the wrong
    order I have tried to contact the Rotherham store both by phone and on the web site the phone
    gives you the option of speaking to a store member then go's dead, the web site says will have to
    wait ten minutes because of waiting times, I waited the ten minutes then same as on the phone the
    link was was dropped (I contacted my Worksop store who pointed me at the Rotherham store, )
    how can I correct my order? you give lots of time to promoting on a good service, but I am finding
    it not only difficult but time consuming could some one call to correct the errors on my order please!
    mr callaghan
    01909 540141

    my ord no,8120575410
    online order no, 434918057

    item 133809 mdf bead panel 6x6 6x1829 ( wrong size sent 6x607x140?) will accept another of
    same size to complete but just one small one not enough to complete my job?)

    item 159738 cupboard dr hinges x4 pack x7 packs delivered with 4 per pack? only needed two
    packs of x4, need to return 5 of the packs,

    I did report this to the wickes delivery driver he said would report it to the store and they would
    contact me to deliver the other board as well, I accepted this but no one has tried to contact me,
    so here I am having to resort to trying to get this sorted in this convoluted way.

    could someone sort his out please,

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